Friday, February 25, 2011


Today one of my best friends is heading to see one of her loved ones for probably the last time.
My heart is heavy for her and her family,
because I know it's hard knowing that this could be the last good-bye.

This brings back sooo many memories to be thankful for of those I've lost.....

I am so thankful that I got to say my Good-Byes
and I Love You's to
My Clifford!
(Although he was upset with me for not going on my Senior trip)

I am so thankful I was one of the last people to speak to my Aunt Bea!
I remember all to well her last words,
"I love you Jenny Boo! Go to the game and enjoy yourself,
I'm tired and going to take a nap.
I'll be home tomorrow and you can tell me all about it all."
(little did we know she wouldn't wake from this nap)

And last but not least,
I am so thankful that I got to spend my Uncle Kenneth's
last week sitting with him and discussing fears, hopes, and dreams!
Although he had suffered a lot,
my last visions were of him sleeping soundly
holding my Aunt Vickie's hand.

Thankfully, my last words were those of love and hopefully comfort.
I know that they are all 3 looking down and sending their love daily.
I wish that My Clifford and Aunt Becky would have gotten
to meet David, Jay, and Anna.
I know they would have spoiled the kids rotten.
And Clifford would have told Dave some of his wonderful stories
And I'm sure Anna would love Uncle Kenneth just as much as Jay did!
(cowboy hat and all)

It's better to go and say our Good-Bye's and I love you's
to those we know are fading fast, than to have regrets
and wonder if they knew we loved them.

I love you, My Clifford, My Aunt Becky Bea, and My Uncle Kenneth!!!!
You may be gone from here,
but you'll always be in my heart!!!!
than not and having regrets!

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